MADparapente’s Paragliding and Paramotoring Club started in 2013 with the aim of joining the interests of a group of highly demanding pilots. From the beginning, we clearly knew what we had to offer to our members and in what to put our best effort so that this small community could work.

Our first necessity and concern was to find a good insurance at a good price, that would cover our activities in single seated or two-seated modalities and that our rider would have the best coverage in case of an accident. This is why we have a contract for the services of the company AXA Aurora Ibérica SA. A part from the insurance coverage for accidents of both pilot and passenger, we dispose another civil liability insurance that covers material and personal damages to third parties in the case of any legal reclamation.

Our insurance covers the following sport modalities:

  • Mountain bike
    Camiseta MADparapente
  • Road cycling
  • Rapell
  • Canyoning
  • Rock climbing
  • Alpine skiing
  • Speleology
  • Gliding flight
  • Diving and underwater activities
  • Motor gliding

Our second concern was the preservation and revision of our equipment, that’s why we knew that it was essential to possess a porosity meter, to be able to control the state of our canopies or guarantee the state of the glider that we buy and sell; a bettsometer, to measure the fabric’s tear resistance; and an industrial sewing machine, to fix up any reparation needed. The use of this equipment is FREE for all of our members. But not only that, we have a garage where we do any type of paraglide and paramotor reparation and all members can have 20% off the rated prices.

Safety is the essential concern of all pilots and a value that must be highly appreciated in any club. In the beginning of every season we have a workshop of parachute deployment and folding. We know that the equipment must be folded at least once a year but sometimes it’s the laziness, or money issues… There’s no excuse once with us: we meet up, learn how to fold the emergency parachute (Rogallo or PDA), we do shooting simulations, a short talk about how and when to act and finally a nice snack all together. But we still go further on, during season 2014 we organized our first SIV course for members, that was a total success and we’ll be repeating it during the next seasons.

Since 2014 we hired an account from the famous on-line meteorological services XC-Skies, that disposes detailed NOAA forecasts simplified and presented in a way to be understood by a broader public or with not much meteorological knowledge. It’s especially interesting for ‘cross-country’ amateur pilots, thus it displays information about areas with most thermal performance and the wind velocity in various layers. All included as a member!!!

Identity: when you’re proud about belonging to a group, you like to be recognized as part of it. That’s why we like to be seen. When becoming a member, you’ll receive 2 technical shirts and an identity card with the club’s information, our insurance and personal information. With the card you’ll be able to sign up in meet ups or competitions, plus carrying in your wallet the necessary information in case of an accident.

Tarjeta Socio Club

Using our Facebook and WhatsApp group you’ll be informed about from where we’ll be flying, which friends are coming, who to share a lift with or you can make consultations and suggestions to our little community. It’s surprising how successful this initiative is. It’s so easy to get together for trips or weekends out and to exchange whatever information… Where is it that we’re flying today?

Every year during summertime, we organize a trip to the Alps that we share with club members and friends. Shared costs are much more reduced and the environment is awesome. Going to the Alps should be a must for all paraglider, at least once in your life (like Muslims to the Mecca). You ca do this once a year with our club!!! The Club will be in charge of the organization and guidance; you can come with your own vehicle, share a ride with other members or join us in our van if we’ve got a spare seat.

During winter, we don’t stop either and we organize guided trips to Tenerife in December and January. You can forget the cold, thermal soaring in Christmas and just enjoying one of the most beautiful and impressive flights in Europe.

And of course, we assist to the world’s best paragliding and paramotoring gatherings, like ‘El Yelmo’ and ‘Las Candelas’.

By now you must be wondering our Club’s membership fee…

ONLY 100€ A YEAR!!!

*160€ including passenger insurance coverage

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The Club’s information of interest:

NIF: G86652831

Account Number:

Bankia – ES57 2038 2242 65 6000331002

Club member’s accident policy: AXA – 1064312

Passenger accident policy: AXA – 1064314

Civil liability policy: AXA – 1064289


Club member’s accident policy

Passenger accident policy

Civil liability policy

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