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Alberto Martín, pilot, instructor and director of MADparapente

Telephone number: +34 605 332 080


WHY CHOOSE ‘MADparapente’?

– We have the best variety of offers in flights in Madrid and its outskirts
– A minimum of 15 minutes of flight is guaranteed
– You choose the flight date, without line-ups and a personalized service
– If you come with a partner or as a group, you’ll fly at least in pairs
– Because of our pilots: capable of flying more than 100 Km and doing spectacular acrobats
– We make sure to have the best flight conditions and we move around the best areas of Madrid
– You’ll always have the option to do paragliding with or without a motor
– We’re the only school in Madrid with adapted equipment for people with disabilities
– Our commitment is to offer you the best flight of your life, with maxim quality

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So then, why don’t you download and print our ‘Gift Voucher’ and give it to that honoured person so that it can be used whenever he/she wants to. All that will be left to do is to contact us and decide on the flight’s date. Before giving your Gift Voucher you must fill in the form with the chosen type of flight, expire date (6 months from receiving) and your names. For the best presentation, fold it into three and put it in a long envelope (like the ones for the electricity bills). It’s a present that will make you look great and you’ll make mankind’s dream come true… to FLY!!!

MADparapente, we bring you to the sky…