D-Bag, Pushing Your Limits

Expand your horizons, push your limits…

A D-Bag is a bag, more like a container similar to the ones for parachutes, in which a glider can fit in. Folding our canopy in a special way (parachute style), we put it in the D-Bag (deployment bag) with the lines and risers tied together with elastic bands. The risers hang out of the D-Bag and are attached to our seat. We bread deeply and we’re ready to go…

We can use as a jumping platform a two-seated paraglider or, even better, our paratrike makes the job easier and lets us perform the jump from ‘anywhere’. The techniques for a jump from a paraglide or from a paratrike are different.

From the paraglider we release a triple ring system and drop, causing the system to open. On a paratrike, we stand up on the stirrups and we jump while doing a somersault forwards. It’s AWESOME!

This system can be used for acrobatic practicing with safety and height, aerial demonstrations, acrobatic competitions, as a platform for advanced SIV courses and anything else that can be thought about. It’s a new interesting discipline that is yet evolving. Let us know your challenging proposal and we’ll work on it together.

D-Bag Comic 1

How much is it?

A jump under our supervision, being in charge of the folding process and supplying the D-Bag, from 1000 meters of height: 150€

If you’re already a consecrated jumper and you own your own equipment and you know how to prepare it, a 1000 meter height jump will cost 90€ (or 100€ including the D-Bag rent).

To be fully trained during a 3 day period, we’ll go through psychological aspects in a jump, possible incidents and their solutions, video watching, folding techniques, different jumping techniques (air-balloon, paragliding and paratrike), jump simulation and finally three jumps from a paratrike with the ‘roll-over’ technique. Get in contact with us to take part in the next D-Bag Clinic for 550€.

Check up the Clinic D-Bag website for more information www.dbagjump.com

In Cataluña www.alsnuvols.com can offer you the same services.

In Andalucía www.olivair.org can offer you the same services.

Information and reservations at 605 332 080 or visit our Facebook Page

We’re always thinking about progress in this sport, so we want to introduce you to our D-Bag fully created by us. The best materials, weight and convenience ever seen until now. Top equipment for your jumps at your reach. Check out our new D-Bag!!!
We’ve made several improvements that have never been thought by anyone before. For example, the one-piece elastic band system for the subjection of the lines; the use of long-lasting and more trustful materials, like the fabric elastic bands, instead of the classic rubber ones; the incorporation of the ‘hanging lines’ on the D-Bag itself; or the simple but very useful attachment of handles to prevent the bag from slipping out in the critical ‘roll-over’ jump from the ParaTrike.

Another feature never seen before is the lightness and simplicity that defines our products: we leave out any cushioning or filling after confirming with a lot of jumps that it’s not at all necessary and it makes it easier to carry it on the airplane or inside the paragliding backpack. This doesn’t make it less resistant or lasting; we use the best materials for its confection (Nylon 1000D for the container and BEAL flat tape for 1000Kg of resistance at the risers, Brummel hooks and security belts).

We’ve also developed two fundamental accesories for the use of our D-Bag Bag in any situation. We’re talking about a triple ring system of quick release and a couple of fitted security belts with karabiners.

If you’re only going to use it to jump from a paratrike, balloon or helicopter, you’ll have enough with the D-Bag container. But if you’re more about jumping from the paraglide, you’ll also need the Brummel hooks and the security belts.

You can purchase our D-Bag at a special launch price for de 119 or a complete kit with Brummel hooks and security belts for 169 (with deliveries to the Iberian Peninsula, Balearics Islands and Canary Islands included).

D-Bag desde parapente 1
D-Bag desde parapente 2
D-Bag desde parapente 3

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