Paragliding School in Madrid

Our little paragliding school in Madrid offers personalized paragliding courses for all levels, from flying classes for starters to perfecting your paragliding or paramotoring skills and acrobats. There’re different locations near Madrid where you can enjoy this beautiful sport. Do you want to give it a try?

Always in contact with an instructor, you’ll see how easy it is to take the first steps into this sport. Depending on your availability and skills your course can last a week or up to three months. With a minimum of ten high flights and a two-seated instruction flight, you’ll gain enough knowledge to understand the environment that you’ll be evolving in, the aircraft that you will be piloting and the regulations. You’ll also learn how to control your glider on the ground; to take off and land correctly; basic handling of your glider in the air and the emergency procedures to take for the safest flight possible.MADparapente offers you a complete paragliding course o that you can learn in a totally independent and safe way, progressing at your own pace. Madrid and its surrounding areas offer a variety of options for ‘free flying’ with appropriate scenarios for pilots of all levels: from hill training to paragliding world competition tests. MADparapente Paragliding School has qualified sport technicians, according to the present regulations, that are in continuous training. During your first steps you’ll have two instructors supervising you when flying: one while take-off and one while landing. Also, your first class will be dedicated exclusively to you.

Course fees include the following equipment:

1.- Introduction to Paragliding Book: to learn all the theory about this sport

2.- Full equipment necessary to do this course: glider, seat, helmet and radio

3.- Accident Insurance and Civil Liability Insurance during the course period

4.- Flight Book: where we’ll note your progression, number of flights and flight duration

5.- Final Course Certificate

The course fee is 650€  

We know that things are not easy now and that learning to fly is not just an economical challenge for the majority, but also a psychological challenge, too. Never knowing if enough courage is going to be gathered up or if you’ll be enjoying a hobby that’s a little bit expensive and that maybe you’ll not be able to keep up with… That’s why we suggest you to come and try a first class for only 50€!!! qThis payment will be discounted from the course fee, when you feel confident enough to continue. You’ll be able to find out how easy it is to get into this sport, to lose those fears in the beginning, to gain some knowledge, to learn about the equipment that we use and to meet the instructors. If you decide that you like it, you’ll just have to stay. So, will you go for it?

Are you interested? Keep on reading

Many people think that to learn paragliding is expensive, dangerous and complicated. But that’s way far from reality. The truth is, it’s one of the simplest ways to fly: anybody with a little bit of fitness and adventurous spirit can do it. With good training and having safety as one of the main targets, there’s no need of fearing any class of incident.

For a start, very simple theoretical basis need to be established and they will be extended during practice sessions. This way, the concepts will be assimilated in a better way. On the first day we’ll already put a paraglide on our backs and we’ll follow the indications to learn how to manage and control it on the ground, as if it were a big kite. This practice is called ‘ground handling’. This is an important point that will allow us to learn safely how to do small take-offs and landings from low hills. Once we manage this well and learn the basics on first level flights (it takes around 2 to 3 days), we’ll be ready to take off from the top of a mountain. What a great feeling to lift off your feet from the ground for the first time… I can still remember…

So, we’re ready now to ‘really’ fly: we’ve proved to be able to control the wing correctly on the ground for a take-off in good weather conditions and that we’re capable to do a proper landing. Furthermore, we’ve also studied the important theory about how to proceed during our first flight. So let’s fly!

Once we’ve gained experience on the flying sensations, after 4 or 5 flights, we’ll learn some simple manoeuvres while descending: 180 and 360 degrees turn, to follow the paraglide with our body weight, to do ‘ear manoeuvres’ and to speed up the wing.

Adding 3 or 4 flights of experience while practicing the manoeuvres mentioned before, we’ll learn to do ridge soaring (to use the wind that hits the mountain so that we can remain flying) and the basic rules on sharing aerial space with other paragliding people. According to your level, you can even learn how to do thermal soaring so that you can gain height easily after take-off.

A pupil’s training is completed learning some fast descending manoeuvres for possible emergencies (big ears, B lines manouver and spiral dive), ‘top landing’ (landing on the same take-off site) and a little bit more of advanced theory that will ensure a good basis to your progression.

Paragliding is a sport reachable for more people than you could imagine. Nowadays, internet makes things more convenient and a lot of schools advertise their services on the web. There are flying areas close to almost all the Spanish cities, except at the Great Plains in Castilla and Extremadura (where paramotoring is mostly practiced). Regarding the fees, they aren’t excessively expensive. A beginner’s full equipment can cost 2800-3000€, but the second-hand market can be interesting, being able to choose a good kit for 1500€. You just have to add an annual CLUB fee of 100€, that isn’t mandatory for paragliding but is very recommended because it includes accident insurance, civil liability insurance and more…

A full kit includes:

1. Glider: 1800€ – 2600€
2. Seat: 300€ – 1200€
3. Parachute: 220€ – 700€
4. Karabiners: 20€ – 120€
5. Helmet: 30€ – 250€
6. Gloves: 15€ – 100€
7. Radio: 50€ – 150€
8. Variometer: 180€ – 300€
9. GPS or Vario/GPS combination: 300€ – 1000€

Don’t let the prices discourage you, as I’ve mentioned, the first investment is around 1300 – 3000€ but the rest of the equipment is purchased as you go on, usually while selling some kit that doesn’t suit your level anymore. Besides, once you’ve got your glider you just consume wind…

By the end of the course, there will always be more things to learn. Actually, flying WELL is something complicated and with so many options that you’ll never stop learning. Always with caution as the main theme and a constantly focusing on our environment, we can become great paraglider pilots. And now, are you going to keep your feet on the ground?

Welcome to the sky…

I want to take the course !!!

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It’s normal to have doubts and questions about our sport. It’s not something you see every day and practice is far from large populations and crowds.

Here we have a collection of the most frequent questions we usually ask. If your question is not answered in this section you can call us at 605 332 080 and we will be delighted

What should I wear ?


Always advisable to wear sports clothing , comfortable , sports shoes and sunglasses are the basics.

In summer just a thin coat windbreaker or fleece type is required.

In winter, ski clothing is ideal. Do not forget gloves!!!

To halftime , it spends better than understatement. Wrap not miss the wind , long pants and gloves.

Is there a weight limit or age ?


There is, but is very broad:

As for weight limit : 30 to 130 kilos

In age : if you want , you can !!! Our experience is that learning becomes harder as we get older . The age range between 15 and 40 years is showing more easily, but this does not mean that people above this age can. The paragliding is a very easy way to cross the sky , only require more commitment to achieve it.

The age range below 15 years is something lacking to face the responsibility of practicing a potentially dangerous sport therefore recommend waiting until this age to start in free flight.

I have vertigo, I can fly?

Of course!!!

Vertigo is often confused with the fear of heights . With vertigo, what happens is that we lose balance and therefore a sense of security to peek at a high place . As we have no reference points near this uncomfortable phenomenon appears . But paragliding, took the position from the beginning is sitting , therefore, no need for balance and the feeling of insecurity does not appear. All our passengers and students check it daily and are pleasantly surprised .

It is not the case of the phobia of heights, if this is your case, better stay on the mainland …

What are the dates I can do the course ?

We fly all year in different sites around Madrid. Normally on weekends. During the summer months we also organize midweek flights.

Depending on the season, there are more recommended than others flights.

During spring and summer, flights   “High Mountain” are the best, also at the beginning of autumn.

Late autumn, winter and early spring, the flight of “La Muela” is the best.

Every year in August suggest a trip of 15 days in the French and Swiss Alps in winter and spend one or two months in Tenerife, where we also organize guided tours for students and partners.



Where the course is taught ?

During the first stage, the “floor”, we try to stay as close to Madrid, that your travel more comfortable. The area of Torres de la Alameda (15km from our headquarters in Mejorada del Campo) provides the right environment to control soil and small jumps.

In the second stage (first flights), Magan, Toledo and La Muela, in Guadalajara, are the best places. They are two mountains with moderate slopes (100 and 250 meters) and large areas atrrezaje and clear off.

In the third stage (altitude flights), chests, in the Sierra de Guadarrama and Pedro Bernardo, Gredos will make you catch all the ease and knowledge to be able to fly anywhere in the future. With slopes of 700 and 800 meters, these enclaves are the highest elevation of the downtown area.

And what to do when the course is ending?

When you finish the course your training won’t be over. Paragliding is a sport that needs continuous practice to maintain our abilities and where progress has no limits. For sharing, learning and having fun flying we started the”MADparapente Paragliding and Paramotor Club“. You can join us by the end of the course and use all its advantages.