ARCONES, Mountains of Guadarrama in Segovia

Mountains at your Feet

This small town is located on the north side of the Segovia mountain chain and it offers one of the highest and spectacular flights in Spain. With a difference height of 700 metres and with the help of the northern and north-eastern winds, we will fly off in an unforgettable way. The wild tops of the mountain chain ‘La Sierra’, having vultures flying around us and being able to see the ground with more than a 1000 metres below our feet are the keys to success of this take off site.

A few kilometres away there’s the medieval town Pedraza and the natural pools of the Cega River in Navafría, where you can make your flying day complete with some of the various activities that are offered in the recreation area ‘El Chorro’. Picking mushrooms, cycling, hiking or horse riding routes and several rural accommodations are other local options for leisure.


The best route to the landing area in Arcones from Madrid is taking the highway A1, leaving on exit N110 (Km 99), then following 15 Km in Segovia direction and we’ll arrive to Arcones. The motorway goes through the town, so we’ll turn to the left side, passing by the ‘La Cerca’ and ‘La Berrocosa’ hostals and head to the mountains. The ground won’t be paved after a few metres and we’ll be lead near to the landing area, that’s a few metres away on the right side of the road. There’s usually a flying environment and parked cars, so there’s no way you’ll get lost.

The flight at this location is a ‘High Mountain’ type, for 89€.

How to Arrive