Thermal soaring of vultures and eagles around you

We get to the take-off site on a dirt road that’s on the left side, once we reach the Arrebatacapas (‘Cape Snatcher’) port. What would be the name’s reason…? From the take-off platform we ca see on the right the ‘El Burguillo’ dam and ‘El Tiemblo’; Cebreros on the left, where we can go over when flying high for landing; and the ‘San Juan’ dam in front of us. Marvellous views in a flight that will leave you out of breath. These mountains offer flights under thermal conditions, that during spring, summer and autumn give us the chance to gain great heights when the wind blows from east or south-east into the valley. Also, it means sharing the flight experience with predators like vultures and eagles, which are easily spotted nearby the take-off site.

Good proximity, since we can get there in about an hour (90 Km) from central Madrid. Like all towns in Ávila, we can find good restaurants with grilled meat specialities and bathing areas near the dams.

The flight at this location is a ‘High Mountain’ type, for 89€.

How to Arrive