PEDRO BERNARDO, Mountains of Gredos in Ávila

The Awesome Flight

On the bad side… the location’s 120 Km away from Madrid, on the good side… all the rest.

The mountains that stand over theParapente Sierra de Gredos Tiétar Valley are the highest of the central system (‘La Sierra de Gredos’ mountain range). They will help to gain great height flying to those who are more demanding. There’re three take off sites of different heights and orientations: towards south, south-east (the take-off site with most slope in the central zone, 820 metres over the valley) and east.

There’s the chance to fly with an engine and to discover hidden places in the Tiétar Valley, unknown for those from the ground. Flying through holm oaks, crossing the morning mists or flowing with the river during a low flight between poplars are the alternatives in a flight without engine.

In less than a kilometre away, you can spot the clear waters of La Eliza’s gorges with natural pools and, following up the river, you can have a splash under the ‘Charco del Hornillo’’s waterfalls. The gastronomy of this place is… mmm, speechless. It’s worth to stay a whole day and get to know the area.


To get to the landing area of Pedro Bernardo from Madrid, the best way is taking the M501 motorway (‘Carretera de lo Pantanos’), coming from the M40 motorway’s ‘Ciudad Financiera’ exit (between the A5 and A6 highways). After going through the Piedralaves town, we’ll go on 20 Km until crossing by a Petronor petrol station on the right. You can give us a call from there so that we can give you directions to the landing area, or else you can try to find it yourself. You’ll just have to exit the petrol station to the left (Pedralaves direction) and go 600 metres on (no rush or you’ll miss the exit), on the right side you’ll see a field with a row of trees perpendicular to the road, a light coloured dirt road and probably parked cars. There’s the chance that you may find the gate closed. Don’t worry, just open it and park on the right side, close to the fence.

The flight at this location is a ‘High Mountain’ type, for 89€.

How to Arrive