Height, adrenaline, excitement, fear… This is what BASE Jump is

In MADparapente we love whatever has to do with the air and we have the tools so that you can practice this discipline with SAFETY and PASSION.

A paratrike is the perfect platform for exhibition jumps, BASE jump training and parachuting. Can you imagine being able to choose where to jump from? Not depending on bridges or buildings…

Jumping from our aircraft means training without extra risks. A lot of jumpers already use this modality before adventuring themselves using fixed platforms. It doesn’t involve the danger of having walls too close and the jump is made at a speed that barely reaches 20 Km/h, almost as if we weren’t moving.

You can choose the height to jump from:

1000 metres: 50€

750 metres: 45€

500 metres: 40€

After a minimum of 10 jumps get a 5€ discount per jump.

We’re ready to set up any type of exhibition, gathering or competition in any part of Spain, and even abroad. Let us know your proposing challenge, and we’ll study about it together to find the solution. Four paratrikes are available to make your idea come true.

In Cataluña can offer you the same service.

In Andalucía can offer you the same service.

Information and reservations: 605 332 080 

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