General service’s terms and conditions:

  1. Booking / Hiring
  2. Insurance
  3. Exclusions
  4. Reservations
  5. Weather Conditions

1.-MADparapente’s services will be considered hired once the payments have been charged in the following ways:

– deposit payment to Bankia bank account number ES74 2038 2242 68 3001349539

– payment in cash before the activity

2.-MADparapente insures clients with AXA insurances, with terms and conditions according to the activity that is involved (vuelo libre free style flight in two-seated paraglider, flight in two-seated paratrike, paragliding jump from paratrike, base jump from paratrike and for pupils taking paragliding, paramotor and paratrike courses) as stated in policy number 01.062.861 in the civil liability mode 01.062.835 in accident coverage mode.

3.-Occasional losses of personal belongings during the flight and passenger transportation are excluded from the insurance’s coverage. We advise our clients to not to carry anything in unzipped pockets neither to hold telephones nor cameras in their hands. MADparapente won’t take responsibilities on any personal nor material damages that could occur in case of not following the instructor’s indications or the safety rules. Video and photo cameras are totally excluded from our insurance policy, reason why we take no responsibility of any damage that can occur.

4.-Reservations are considered to be booked once service’s payments have been completed. From that moment, our client has a six month term to execute the booked activity.

Refunds for reservations and gift vouchers are not accepted. The beneficiary of a reservation or gift voucher can be changed.

The reservation period will only be extended for bad weather condition reasons or for the lack of time for the activity. Reservation term extension will be a two week period starting from the end of the original reservation term, during which the client will have to book a new date for the activity.

5.-If weather conditions don’t allow the realization of the booked activity, for safety reasons or because the instructor may believe that the service’s quality may be compromised (generally week conditions that won’t allow a proper flight or disturbing turbulences), another date will be fixed within the reservation term or its prolongation, if necessary.

Frequent adverse weather conditions for flights are: rain, strong wind, fog that is too low, and other conditions not directly related to the flight but that also have their influence like inaccessible take-off sites for snowing, rock fall risk, rain or competitions and events that may take place in the flying areas.

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